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 Full time nanny job in Willesden Green (NW10)  

Ref. No:161018YJL

Location: Willesden Green, NW10 

Start: ASAP

Days/Time: Monday to Friday 8 am till 6.30 pm (52.5 hours per week)

Salary: 30500 net per year (586 net per week) 

Children: 11 month old boy

Duties: Normal Nanny duties for this age apply: Preparing his meals, snacks and bottles; Tidy up after meals and play; keep his room and belongings tidy; laundry; General light housework such as loading dishwasher, empty kitchen bin, keep kitchen and play area tidy; Also, the nanny will be sole charge and she will be organizing age appropriate and stimulating indoor and outdoor activities, play dates, parks, playgroups, etc... 

Requirements: CRB/DBS, first aid (we can help obtain these), experience with age group ; the ideal candidate is energetic, enthusiastic active and fun with children with a caring and kind personality



 3 days a week nanny needed Tuesday to Thursday (31.5 hours a week)

 Ref No: 141118LH

 Location: N8, Turnpike Lane, Hornsey area 

 Salary: £ 12 net per hour (£378 net per week) 

 Start: 8th January 2019

 Days/Hours: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 8 am till 6.30 pm 

 Children: 22 month old boy 

 Duties: Usual nanny duties apply: Organise age appropriate activities, playgroups, classes, parks (Mum would like the nanny to take out the little boy in the morning and in the afternoons as well); Light Housework, Keep his toys, belongings and room tidy; Cook his meals... 

Requirements: First aid, CRB/DBS, At least 5 years experience with the age group is preferred! Native English speaking nanny has an advantage or excellent English skill is required! They prefer a driver but it is not essential. Newborn experience is also an advantage, as they may have another child later on so they really would like someone who can commit for long term! They would like the nanny to be active, energetic, warm and outgoing. 



Monday to Thursday after school nanny job in Barnet (Term time only)

 Ref No: 141118KZ

 Location: N3, Finchley Central 

 Salary: £ 60 per week for around 5 hours a week  

 Start: ASAP

 Days/Hours: Monday to Thursday 3.20pm till 4.50 pm (but the nanny can go home as soon as the older child gets back from school around 4.30 pm. They do not need the nanny during school holidays! 

 Children: 6 years old girl

 Duties: School pick up and school is 10 min walk from their house; Make a snack for her;  Supervise homework 

Requirements: First aid, CRB/DBS, Experience with the age group and good references 



3 days a week after school nanny job in Barnet

 Ref No: 141118JS

 Location: Barnet, EN4

 Salary: £ 12-14 per hour 

 Start: January 2019

 Days/Hours: Monday, Wednesday and Friday  from 4/4.15 pm till 7.30/8 pm (They are flexible with the finish time) . They can offer extra hours during school holidays but they can be flexible on this so this needs to be discussed on the interview. 

 Children: 4 and 9 years old girls 

 Duties: School pick up and driving them to activities; Make their snacks, dinner and tidy up after meals and activities; Light housework; Supervise homework

Requirements: First aid, CRB/DBS, Experience with the age group is a bonus! They need a driver and they can provide a car if the nanny does not have one!  



Term time only before and after school nanny job in Barnet

 Ref No: 121118AK

 Location: Barnet/ Arkley area, EN5

 Salary: £ 11+ per hour 

 Start: 2nd January 2019

 Days/Hours: Monday to Friday from 7 am till 8 am and 5 pm till 7 pm (15 hours a week) and 3-4 hours extra housekeeping per every other week can be offered as well. 

 Children: 13 and 11 years old boys

 Duties: Watch over kids in the morning ensure they've had breakfast, have bags ready and ensure Snacks are packed. Wash dishes after the kids have left and tidy up kitchen when they are done. In the evening prepare a light meal/Snack with drink, ensure they are getting homework done and are changed, have their bags ready for next day. Again, wash / clean after the kids.For extra money, once per week, they can offer extra housekeeping work -cleaning, hovering, dusting, clean bathrooms etc.. To be agreed separately - if interested, otherwise they have a separate cleaner.

Requirements: First aid, CRB/DBS, Experience with the age group is a bonus! They prefer someone self employed who can pay her own tax and NI. 



Wrap around nanny job in New Barnet

Ref No: 051118ML

 Location: New Barnet, EN5 

 Salary: £ 11-13 per hour (negotiable) 

 Start: January 2019

 Days/Hours:  This is a before and after school arrangement.  So every morning Monday to Friday is the same: 7.15 am till 8.15 am and in the afternoons: Mondays and Thursdays 3.15 pm till 6.15 pm and Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 4.30 pm till 6.30 pm (17 hours a week) During school holidays they can be flexible so the nanny can keep the same hours or she can do 2 full days. If they dont need her for childcare during school holidays, the family can offer housekeeping as well for the same hours so they are opened for discussion about the school holiday arrangement. 

 Children: 10, 7 and 5 years old 

 Duties: Normal nursery duties; Food and snack preparation, cooking their dinner; Taking them to school and picking them up by car; Supervise shower and dressing in the morning; Tidy up after meals and play; Occasionally oganise age appropriate activities; Supervise homework

 Requirements: First aid, CRB/DBS, Experience with the age group; They need a driver with own car!

They are happy to have a nanny with own child as the hours would suit a nanny with a young child! 




Part time nanny needed for 4 years old twins in Woodside Park, N12

 Ref No: 301018SBUP

 Location: N12, Woodside Park, North Finchley, Whetstone area

 Salary: £ 12-15 per hour (negotiable) 

 Start: 7th January 2019

 Days/Hours: Monday to Thursday from 7.45 -8 am to 9 am (Pick them up from home and take them to school in Edgware) and 3.30 pm till 6.30 pm (School pick up is at 3.30 pm (17 hours a week but they can offer more hours of housekeeping for the right candidate. Also, the nanny can work more hours during school holidays if she wants to.) 

 Children: 4 years old twins (boy and girl)

 Duties: Normal nursery duties; Food and snack preparation, simple cooking; Taking them to school and picking them up by car; Supervise bath time; Tidy up after meals and play; Organise age appropriate activities; The nanny needs to be sensitive to their needs so if they are tired after school, they can just play and rest; Help with homework

 Requirements: First aid, CRB/DBS, Experience with the age group with very good references; They need a driver and car can be provided by family or the nanny can use her own car!



Any 3 afternoons a week nanny needed in Whetstone  

Ref. No:231018AG

 Location: Whetstone, N20 
 Start: ASAP
 Days/Time: Any 3 afternoons a week (they prefer Monday to Wednesday from 3pm till 7 pm but they can be flexible with the days of the week (or it can be 4 pm till 7 pm if the nanny prefers a later school pick up) So either 12 hours a week or 9 hours a week during 3 afternoons. During school holidays they can be flexible and opened to different options so they are happy with more or less hours as well so this can be discussed! 
 Salary: 12+per hour 
 Children: 4 years old girl
 Duties: Normal After school Nanny duties such as picking her up from school which is in Mill Hill;: Preparing her dinner (The family is vegetarian); Tidy up after meals and play and light housework; keep her room and belongings tidy; Organising age appropriate indoor and outdoor after school activities and help with homework
 Requirements: CRB/DBS, first aid (we can help obtain these), experience with age group and a qualification is an advantage; the ideal candidate is bubbly, sporty, organised and disciplined. They prefer a driver with own car but they can provide a car if the nanny doesn`t have one. Driving is essential!




Part time (16-20 h/week) housekeeper nanny needed 2 days/week - ref.021018BP

Location: West Finchley

Start: ASAP

Days/Time: Monday & Thursday 11 am to 7pm but the family is flexible and can spread these hours into three days. Flexibilty, extra help during school holidays and occasional babysitting would be helpful.

Salary: Negotiable

Children: 4 years old boy and 10 months old girl

Duties: The job is 80% housekeeping and 20% childcare.Full housekeeping duties, dusting, vacuuming, mopping, clean bathrooms, toilets, laundry for the whole family. Keep all the wardrobes and kitchen cupboards tidy, fluffing sofa cushions, help prepar dinner, etc. Some help with the children too, looking after them whilst mum runs errands, take them to an activity class when mum is busy, making their food, help with bath and bedtime routine.  

Requirements: CRB/DBS, first aid (we can help obtain these), experience with age group as a housekeeper nanny, driver with own car is advantage but not essential, the ideal candidate is a great cleaner, organised, energetic, active and fun with the children.



Nanny needed 30 hours a week before and after nursery 5 days aRef No: 041018AMCUP

Location: High Barnet, EN5 

Start: ASAP

Days/Time: Monday to Friday 7:00-9:00 & 16:00-20:00. Extra hours for housekeeping can be added for the right nanny. The role or contract is during term time (46 weeks) when the nursery is open. However, the pay is annualised over 52 weeks so the nanny receives a regular monthly salary throughout the year. During school holidays while the nanny is not expected to work for the family, the nanny will still receive her salary as it will be spread across the year. There is opportunity to work extra hours during school holidays (during the 6 weeks period) and this offer is highly likely but it is not guaranteed and will vary so the contract is based on the guaranteed and fixed hours.

Salary: £10-12/h net negotiable depending on qualifications and experience 

Children: Boy 1.5 years old 

Duties: Sole charge of the son, wrap around care for the nursery, wash, dress, breakfast in the 

morning (son has raw cow’s milk allergy), drive and drop off, collect in the afternoon, supper in the evening, look after him, 

Prepare for bed. 

Requirements: CRB/DBS, first aid, experience with age group and excellent references, driver with own car is 

preferred, NVQ or Montessori qualification is an advantage, the ideal candidate is caring, warm, patient, cheerful, gentle and trustworthy with an educated, professional and thoughtful approach along with excellent communication skills