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Flexible 2 or 3 afternoons a week driver nanny job

Flexible 2 or 3 afternoons a week driver nanny job

Ref No: 070320FM

Location: Elstree, WD6

Start: ASAP

Salary: £12-13 per hour

Days/Hours: Any 2 or 3 afternoons from 3.30 pm till 7 pm. They prefer Monday, Wednesday and Thursday but the can be flexible as long as the days are the same every week!  They can offer more hours during school holidays but they need at least the same hours during term time!

Children: 10 years old twin boys and 7 years old girl

Duties: Normal after school Nanny Duties apply; school pick up for daughter is few minutes from their house at 3.30 pm and then the nanny is required to pick up boys as well from coach stop which is only 1 minute away from the house; take them to after school activities or organise home activities depending on daily schedule; make their dinner, keep their belongings and rooms tidy;  supervise homework and bath time; tidy up after meals and activities;

Requirements: First aid, CRB/DBS, Good English skills; Driving is essential and they need a nanny with own car!

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Flexible hours morning or afternoon nanny/housekeeper/mother`s help job

Flexible hours morning or afternoon nanny/housekeeper/mother`s help job

Ref: 040320BG

Location: Finchley, N3, next to Victoria Park

Salary: 9-11 per hour

Start:  ASAP

Days/Hours:  3 hours 2 times a week any time of the day and on any days. They are happy with 2 mornings (3 hours a day) or 2 afternoons so let us know your availability!

Children: 6 month old baby boy

Duties: Mum needs some help so she can rest or go out to the gym, etc. The help they need will very every day so some days will be looking after the baby and do some housekeeping when baby is asleep, such as ironing, laundry, vacuuming, tidy up and looking after the baby`s room/clothes, etc…

Requirements: First Aid, DBS, Some experience with babies, kind and gentle personality

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30 hours a week housekeeper nanny job

30 hours a week housekeeper nanny job in Muswell Hill


Ref: 030320NW

Location: Muswell Hill, N10

Salary: 10-12 per hour 

Start:  ASAP

Days/Hours:  30 hours a week. Monday to Friday 1pm OR 2 pm until 7 pm. (Ideally they need the nanny to start at 1 pm but if the nanny prefers, she can start at 1.30 or 2 pm.) They can keep the same hours during school holidays.

Children: 16 years old boy and 13 years old girl (They are both quite independent!)

Duties: The 16 years old son is independent so the main childcare duties would involve supervising the daughter`s homework, and keeping a balance between her relaxing after school & getting her work done; playing games with her and keeping her company; Sometimes she wants the nanny to meet her at Highgate or East Finchley tube as she is coming home alone from school in the afternoon.

They have a separate cleaner who comes once a week to do the main cleaning so in terms of housekeeping they would expect the nanny to keep the kitchen & communal areas tidy, in particular cleaning kitchen after the evening meal etc, keeping the children’s bedrooms & bathroom tidy, in terms of laundry putting on washing for the whole family (as it is not environmentally friendly to split loads), ironing of the children’s clothes & bedding & if the nanny has time additional ironing would be great! Also, they have a dog (Cocker Spaniel) and the nanny needs to take him out for a walk as soon as she arrives in the afternoon; Cooking an evening meal for both children, organise uniform for the next day…

Requirements: First Aid, DBS, Friendly, loving and calm personality

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Live out full time Or part time nanny Or Housekeeper nanny job

Live out full time Or part time nanny Or Housekeeper nanny job

This job can be live in as well! 

Ref: 280220MQ

Location: Golders Green, NW11,

Salary: 10-12 net per hour 

Start:  ASAP

Days/Hours:  The family can be quite flexible with the exact hours and they are happy with only childcare hours or they can add some additional housekeeping hours as well! If the nanny is happy with cleaning too, then they can offer 40-45 hours a week + regular babysittings. If the nanny does not want to do cleaning, then the family can offer only childcare Or childcare hours with light housekeeping, laundry, ironing+ babysittings!

These are the options:

Monday to Thursday 2.15 pm till 7.30 pm (22.5 hours a week childcare only) and they can add extra hours for school drop off (2 hours a day) and/or cleaning hours 2 mornings a week (3 hours a day). On Fridays the nanny can work 8.30 am till 5 pm and/or Saturdays 3.30 pm till 5.30 pm plus regular babysitting opportunity!

The job can be only housekeeping or only childcare as well or the combination of the 2 options depending on the nanny`s availability! Let us know what you prefer when you apply!

Children:10, 9, 5 and 3 years old boys

Duties: Normal Nanny Duties; School drop off and pick up; Play and organise age appropriate activities indoor and outdoor; Prepare their meals; Supervise bath time; Laundry; Keep their rooms and belongings tidy, If the nanny wants to do cleaning and/ or only housekeeping then the nanny is responsible for the full cleaning of the house, laundry, ironing, cooking! The nanny does not need to do full cleaning if she does not want to but then her hours would be less!

Requirements: First Aid, DBS, Experience with ages of the younger children is essential; excellent communication skills and honest personality is a must!

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Evening nanny job for Monday, Tuesday and optional Thursday 

Evening nanny job for Monday, Tuesday and optional Thursday

Ref No: 120320FH-UP

Location: New Barnet 

Start: ASAP 

Salary: £12-15 per hour, Up to £45 per day (Monday and Tuesday only 2.5 hours is needed but they are happy to pay for 3 hours!)

Days/Hours: Monday and Tuesday 4.45 pm till 7.15 pm and Thursdays are optional and the hours will be 5 pm till 8 pm. They are flexible about the exact hours during school holidays so they are happy to discuss it on interview.

Children: 17 and 13 years old boy and girl so they do not need much looking after.

Duties: Normal Nanny Duties apply, Kids are older so they do not need much looking after; supervise homework; make their simple dinner or heat up food; Since the kids are independent, the nanny can occupy herself with some light housework but they can be flexible with the exact duties that the nanny is happy to carry out! 

Requirements: First aid, CRB/DBS, Good English skills; Childcare experience; Driver with own car is essential! 

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4 days a week after school job in Finchley (Up to £15 net per hour)

4 days a week after school job in Finchley Central (Up to £15 net per hour) 

Ref No: 200220ML

Location: Finchley Central 

Start: ASAP

Salary: £12-15 per hour net 

Days/Hours: Monday to Thursday 3.45 pm till 7 pm (They are flexible about school holidays so they can give the nanny more hours or the nanny can keep the same after school hours during school holidays.)

Children: 7 and 11 years old boy and girl  

Duties: Normal Nanny Duties apply, Pick up son by car (the daughter is older and independent); after school activities; host play dates for son; supervise homework; make their dinner; supervise bath and bed time.

Requirements: First aid, CRB/DBS, Good English skills; They do NEED A DRIVER and they prefer someone with own car but they can provide a car if needed! Nanny must be reliable and able to cook and they do not eat pork or seafood! They have a small dog so the nanny should be ok with that! 

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Monday to Thursday after school nanny job (£15-18/hour)

Monday to Thursday afternoon Nanny Job in Edgware

Ref No: 110220JJ

Location: Edgware HA8

Start: ASAP

Salary: £15-18 per hour for childcare hours and £11 per hour for extra housekeeping (optional)

Days/Hours: Monday to Thursday 3 pm till 7 pm + Optional 6 hours per week housekeeping/ cleaning can be offered if the nanny wants more hours so then they would offer an extra 3 hours twice a week, ideally Monday & Thursday 12-3pm. Let us know if you want to apply for the optional 6 hours as well on top of the childcare hours!

Children: 9, 7 and 4 years old boy and girls  

Duties: Normal Nanny Duties apply, School pick up by car; after school activities; help with homework; make their dinner; supervise bath and bed time.

Requirements: First aid, CRB/DBS, Good English skills; They would like someone capable and patient. The oldest child has autism so experience with this is an advantage and they need someone who is happy to accommodate a child with special needs. They do NEED A DRIVER and they prefer someone with own car! This is Kosher household so knowledge of Kosher kitchen is an advantage but the nanny will get a full briefing on this!

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4 afternoons a week nanny job in Barnet/Arkley

4 afternoons a week nanny/mothers help job in Barnet/Arkley

Ref: 050220DF

Location: Barnet/Arkley EN5  

Salary: £12-13 / hour

Start: March `20 but they can wait for the right person

Days/Hours: Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday 4pm – 7 pm and Fridays 3 pm-6.30pm. (Days maybe flexible)

Children: 5 month old and 3 years old boysRequirements: First aid, CRB/DBS; Experience with babies and toddlers; Driver is preferred but not essential! Mum is at home so the nanny needs to work with her as a team until August. From September Mum goes back to work so it will be a sole charge position then! They would like the nanny to be fun and easy going. The toddler loves playing games and running round, so someone who likes to be a bit silly and have fun.

Duties:  Stay in the house between 4.30-5.00 pm with the baby whilst Mum picks up other child. In that time the nanny will put baby down for a sleep or play with him. Prepare light snack for older son when home, wash up and sterilise bottles, tidy away toys and put their clothes away. Help Mum with bath, bottle and bed for baby and toddler.


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Tuesday Nanny job in Barnet

Tuesday Nanny (10 hours a day) needed in Barnet

Ref: 030220AP

Location: High Barnet  

Salary: £11 / hour

Start: 25th February until August `20 when the contract will be re-evaluated so there is possibility for a long term arrangement if both family and nanny want to carry on after August!

Days/Hours: Every Tuesday from 7.30/8 am till 5.30/6 pm (10 hours a day)

Children: 1 and 5 years old girl and boy

Duties: Childcare related duties only and normal nanny duties apply, such as keeping children`s rooms, toys, clothing tidy, making their food, general tiding, etc. Nanny will take the younger one out for walks, parks, activities. The older child is taken to school by grandparents and they drop him off at 3 pm so the nanny will only have the younger one during the day. This is a sole charge position!

Requirements: First aid, CRB/DBS; Experience with the age group; They do not allow pork in the house!

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4 afternoons nanny job in NW2 (12-15 net /h)

Any 4 afternoons a week nanny job in NW2 

Ref: 060120-DJ

Location: NW2 (Close to Golders Green, Cricklewood and West Hampstead area)  

Salary: £12-15 net per hour

Start: ASAP 

Days/Hours: Any 4 afternoons per week either from 2 pm till 6 pm OR from 3 pm till 6 pm depending on the nanny`s availability. School pick up is only 3 pm but if the nanny has time, she can do some light housework or food preparation from 2 pm before school pick up! They can be flexible during school holidays, so the nanny can get more hours or she can keep the term time hours. This can be discussed on interview! 

Children: 6 and 9 years old boy and girl 

Duties: School pick up from Mill Hill (20-25 min drive); play games with them indoor and outdoor; arrange age appropriate activities; supervise homework; prepare dinner and tidy up kitchen, children`s bedrooms and toys; children`s laundry...

Requirements: First aid, CRB/DBS; Childcare experience; Experience with the age group is an advantage; The family needs a DRIVER Nanny and they can provide a car! 

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3 days a week nanny needed (7+ hours a day)

Monday to Wednesday afternoon nanny job (7+ hours a day) 

Ref No: 051119GT 


Salary: £ 12 - 14 per hour

Start: ASAP but can wait till end of December 

Days/Hours: Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 1 or 2 pm till 8 pm (If the nanny is a good cook or happy to do housework, then she can start before school pick up so exact hours can be negotiated! The family is quite flexible during school holidays so the nanny can work the same hours during school holidays but it is an advantage if the nanny can be flexible with the hours during school holidays. The family would consider someone who can only commit to term time (without school holiday cover!) Also, flexibility to stay a little longer occasionally is very important to this family.

Children: 8 and 3 years old boy and girl

Duties:Usual nanny duties apply: Organise age appropriate activities; Light Housework, Keep toys, belongings and room tidy; Cook healthy meals for them; Laundry; They would like the nanny to be able to help the youngest with reading, writing and basic math homework and it would be an advantage if the nanny could help the 8 years old as well with homework or at least supervise his homework and make sure it is done every day...

Requirements:First aid, CRB/DBS, Good English skills; Ability to help with homework. They would like the nanny to be energetic, fun loving, tidy, punctual, calm and firm. Driving is essential and they prefer a nanny with own car but they can arrange a car for the ideal nanny if she does not have one!

4 days a week after school nanny job - 041119LM-AS

4 days a week after school nanny job 

Ref: 041119LM-4AS

Location: Whetstone, Oakleigh Park, New Barnet area

Salary: £12-14/hour

Children: 6 and 3 years old boy and girl (Youngest does not attend school on Wednesdays)

Start: 14th November `19

Days/Hours: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 3.20 pm till 6.30 pm. They can be flexible during school holidays and the nanny can keep the same hours so they are opened for options!

Duties: Normal nanny duties apply; Picking up from school (boy`s school is in Southgate and the girl`s nursery is in East Barnet); making dinner; general tiding, childcare related light housework; homework supervising; planning activities; 

Requirements:  First aid, CRB/DBS; Experience with the age group; Driving is essential and own car is preferable but the family can arrange a car if the nanny does not have one! So has peanut allergy, so the nanny needs to be OK with this and she needs to be willing to learn Epipen use for emergency! Obviously the nanny must be very responsible! They have a Kosher household! 

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